Cunningham-Limp Integrated Services

A Collaborative Approach

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Our approach to business leveraging integrated services is built on collaboration, which in turn is built on trust. Effectively structured, trust-based collaboration encourages parties to focus on project outcomes rather than their individual goals. This trust-based collaboration eliminates the adverse and antagonistic relationships that plague the design and construction industry today.

    Building upon early contributions of individual expertise, our teams are guided by the following principles:
  • trust
  • transparent processes
  • effective collaboration
  • open information sharing
  • team success tied to project success
  • shared risk and reward
  • value-based decision making and utilization of full technological capabilities and support

Saving Time, Money and Resources

The bottom line is, Cunningham-Limp works tirelessly to improve project efficiencies that in return lower costs. In a 10-year study, our costs were 8.2% less than what was originally budgeted — surpassing industry standards. By anticipating roadblocks early on in the planning stages, we deliver on-time, on-budget and in-scope.

Costs are on average 8.2% less than budget


Costs are on average 8.2% less than budget

Cunningham-Limp Services

Services and Specialties

While more than 25% of our clients call on us for a full-suite of services — from inception to completion of every detail — we deliver a customized service based on client needs. Whether our clients need us for budgeting and cost control or space planning and site selection, we adapt and tailor our service to align with specific needs.

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Did you know

Since 1984, Cunningham-Limp has worked closely with clients to successfully complete projects totaling in excess of $1.5 billion.