Our Approach


While experts in each discipline can be engaged individually, clients look to Cunningham-Limp to vet and assemble the necessary team of experts and lead their efforts to ensure that a project is completed properly and within the time and budget parameters developed by our team very early in the conception of the project. This approach contrasts starkly with consultants who recommend professionals and then hope that they all work together properly through the course of a project.


Early involvement of the Cunningham-Limp team allows the establishment of baseline budgets and timelines. These monuments are normally developed within 24 hours of an initial meeting, which allows for any needed adjustments to be made before any significant time or money is invested by our client.

Cunninghamlimp's three step approach

Our Guarantee

Cunningham-Limp will assume complete responsibility for the success of your project and will only engage in those projects where the value or savings we can bring to the project will exceed any compensation that we may receive.