Our Process

3 Phases of the Planning Process

The planning stage is the most critical time when it comes to determining the success of a project. It is during this phase where we have the greatest influence on schedule, scope and budget.


Phase 1


Cunningham-Limp will meet with your team to find out more about your company and its goals. Then, we will tell you about us, our tools and processes.


Phase 2

Creative Launch, Presentation Feasibility & Vision

This is where we dig in and let the creative juices flow. We research, estimate, develop, create a timeline, foresee any issues and develop a plan of action.


Phase 3

Platform Creation

In phase three, we get down to business with the pre-construction release, subcontractor qualification, entitlement strategy, technical studies and contract finalization.

The Cunningham-Limp Guarantee assumes complete responsibility for the success of your project and will only engage in those projects where the value or savings we can bring to the project will exceed any compensation that we may receive.

Did you know