Building Better Communities

At Cunningham-Limp, our collective passion is to make a positive impact on people, communities and companies. This is our focus on every project.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We believe we can best satisfy our passion, values and best serve our clients and communities by challenging traditional norms of society and of our industry, and by being intentional in the way we address the need for and benefit of employing a workforce with diverse experiences, traditions, world views, and cultures. Led by our internal DEIB team, Cunningham-Limp actively seeks to disrupt systemic patterns of exclusion in our work environment by holding training for our employees and our subcontractor community, committing funds and human capital to mentor diverse candidates pursuing construction, and actively seek qualified minority and women contractors to add to our employee team and selection of qualified subcontractors.

Community Impact Projects

To take our passion of making a positive impact to the next level, each year our employees collectively work together to identify one Community Impact Project. A Community Impact Project is our way to make a hands-on difference in a project that will significantly benefit the local community. This is a project that our employees feel extra passionate about which allows us to volunteer our services, expertise, and relationships to make the project a reality.

Traverse City Curling Club & LifeLab Kids

Each year, C-L & participating subcontractors leave a lasting impact on a local nonprofit organization through donated construction services. For 2022, we are donating CM services to LifeLab Kids, an incredible organization that is changing how children with developmental disabilities are cared for, and the Traverse City Curling Club, an epicenter for inclusivity and social engagement in the Traverse City Community.


If you're interested in contributing to the LifeLab Kids project, please review the attached flyer let us know!


If you're interested in contributing to the Traverse City Curling Club, check out their website to donate and learn more.


Review The Flyer


Miracle Field
Oakland Family Services
Bloomfield Christian School

Supporting Local Organizations

At Cunningham-Limp, we pledge to give a percentage of our bottom-line income to charitable causes selected by our employees and clients, and to increase that amount annually by 0.10%. That percentage stands at 3.9% in 2023, which by no coincidence is our 39th year of business.


Eagles for Children

Founded in 2012, Eagles for Children is a 501(c)3 organization designed to raise money to benefit disadvantaged children. Eagles for Children partners with golf clubs, allowing them an opportunity to be philanthropic to the children’s charities of their choice, all while their members are playing golf. Each time an eagle is recorded, members at a participating golf club will be billed a nominal fee, making a substantial impact at the end of the year. The organization is chaired by Cunningham-Limp CEO, Don Kegley. We are proud to support this program and watch it grow each year.


Getting Involved

Cunningham-Limp also prides itself on providing opportunities for our team to go above and beyond. We inspire a work environment that invests in the community through our volunteer efforts. We encourage our team to find their passions and made a difference.

Kids Coalition Against Hunger
Life Remodeled
Kids Coalition Against Hunger
Adopt - a - Family