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"The professionalism and expertise of the Cunningham-Limp staff greatly simplified the task of achieving our goals. The quality of the building, and the time in which Cunningham-Limp was able to complete construction, was remarkable".

Mark Walterhouse, Fire Chief |City of Auburn Hills

"We cannot say enough great things about Cunningham-Limp. Our project was built in the middle of a global pandemic and we finished on budget, and on time. This is remarkable considering all of the challenges that existed during that time such as material shortages and material cost increases. Our staff is so excited we have a space that works for us and we are so grateful. The team at Cunningham-Limp absolutely performed for us and they are the reason we are standing here today."

Chris Barnett, Township Supervisor |Orion Township

“I have had the opportunity to work with many contractors in my career and working with C-L has been remarkable in all aspects. What is most important and apparent is you all come from a place of kindness, respect, transparency, professionalism, and integrity. As a woman, my experience has varied in the past, and often I am dismissed in conversations where my knowledge may be limited from a construction perspective. However, the C-L staff has always made me feel respected and we have partnered together as a team on our project.”

Sara Harding |Yen Yoga

“I am ecstatic that C-L ended up being the GC for this. It has been a dream to work with them because of the value system they have. They are there to build communities and to make communities better and that is exactly what our project is all about. It is being built and operated by people that love this place and we are trying to make it a little bit better. Cunningham-limp is doing that through construction”

Valerie Handy |Commongrounds Cooperative

“The enthusiasm that we have been shown has been extremely impressive. It feels like we have been adopted by Cunningham-limp in this process. Their excitement for us to achieve our goals has been amazing. I have recommended Cunningham Limp to others and I will do it again.”

Kevin Byrne, Founder |TC Curling Club

“Cunningham-Limp is a local firm with broad capabilities. As my go-to construction partner in Traverse City, C-L has been instrumental in recent project success downtown. They are outstanding to work with while delivering on time and on (or under) budget. I’m grateful for the relationship we’ve developed and look forward to future opportunities to work together.”

Joe Sarafa |Envision Development

“Working with Cunningham-Limp has been fantastic. I was familiar with your reputation and your ability to deliver, it turned out that working with C-L was everything it was supposed to be and more, even in the craziest of times."

Sid Van Slyke Senior VP |West Shore Bank

"It is unusual to work with a general contractor who is so collaborative because collaboration takes time and energy. C-L spent numerous hours in meetings before construction ever began to make sure the building would support our vision and operative model. They were able to deliver everything we wanted and more for our program while saving a historical building. "

Karen Anderson |Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons

"(On receiving TCO…) Even though I’m a little far away, I still appreciate the efforts of this team. Very nice work – it has been a pleasure."

Mark Bentley Executive Director |Daifuku North America

"I just wanted to thank CL for all your help; your expertise has been so valuable in helping First Step pull off this crazy idea with very little money. We are lucky to have your support and guidance!"

Theresa Bizoe |First Step Michigan

"The Cunningham-Limp Staff has been a pleasure to work with. Their Project Manager is a highly respected member of our Team and his dedication to saving cost and protecting our schedule is excellent."

Joe McCluskey II General Manager |Grupo Antolin

"As near as I can tell, Cunningham-Limp has saved us nearly $10,000,000 in our real estate costs over the last 5 years."

Steve Andrews Co-Founder and Lead Pastor |Kensington Community Church

"I have great trust in the Cunningham-Limp organization and will continue to refer your firm to my associates who would benefit from your services."

Eugene Paik |

"We were faced with severe time constraints and, despite having complicated technical requirements and starting the project in the middle of winter, Cunningham-Limp delivered an outstanding building within the time promised."

Robert Morris |Johnson Controls

"Cunningham-Limp’s expertise to value-engineer a Design/Build project from the ground up would be invaluable to any developer."

Matt Sosin President NEQ |Columbus Office Centre

"I truly believe that one of the big reasons we were able to land this deal is the “partnership” that we have and our long standing relationship [with Cunningham-Limp]. We had to react so quickly, that if we did not have the trust and history we have, there is no way we could have responded. I had the confidence that the information I receive from Cunningham-Limp is always on the money and I could operate quicker than anyone else in the market. You both were a huge help in getting this done."

Matt Sosin |Magna

"The feel, design and quality is fitting for an office environment. The team will be proud to work there, visitors will be comfortable with the setting, all will be overwhelmed with the modern and relevant feel and all the technology…Thank you to you and all the team members that made this happen on time and on budget…well done!"

Thomas Boney |Novelis

"We put a very aggressive schedule of four months in front of Cunningham-Limp that they met for our initial worship services on October 3rd, 2010. In addition, they maximized our budget by helping us get the most out of our available funding, knowing that further enhancements can be added when we have resources to do so. Cunningham-Limp transformed a formerly vacant theater into the Heritage Experience beyond our expectations."

Pastor Jeff Forester |Heritage Church

"Cunningham-Limp made the Design/Build process so seamless, allowing me to focus on procuring tenants for the new building. The schedule and budget were adhered to -- exactly as promised."

Scott Marcus Principal |Keystone Medical Center

"It was a pleasure to work with the people at Cunningham-Limp in the building of our middle/high school in Warren. The building was completed on time, actually a month earlier than first projected, and under budget. This included to having to start the building in January instead of May as we had originally planned. Everyone we worked with was extremely professional and extremely clear, honest and direct in their interactions with us. We look forward to future opportunities to work with Cunningham-Limp again."

Chuck Meredith Superintendent |Michigan Collegiate

"The professionalism and expertise of the Cunningham-Limp staff greatly simplified the task of achieving our goals. The quality of the building, and the time in which Cunningham-Limp was able to complete construction, was remarkable."

Mark Walterhouse Auburn Hills Fire Chief |Auburn Hills Fire Station

"The Cunningham-Limp team has not only met, but exceeded expectations."

Glen Shilling Headmaster |Detroit Country Day